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In the eyes of the student you sponsor, you play an important part in their life, your monthly support enables your sponsor student to attend school, maintains good health and helps them to have a future and a hope, your participation through letters can inspire and encourage them.


masibo and cow

Welfare - Gifts

Additional welfare needs can be met by sponsors when desired.
Students need clothing and bedding and at times extra food for the family.

For sponsors who wish to send a special personal gift such as a football or a bible, all items are available in Uganda to be purchased, precluding the need to send expensive parcels.

BCC Uganda are required to pay duty on all parcels received which is an added burden for them.

Purchasing a goat, cow or chickens to supplement subsistence farming or purchasing a bike to make traveling long distances to school easier are options desired by some sponsors.

Each student is different and if you would like to discuss what more you might be able to do for your student please contact us for specific information.

Alternatively you can organise a welfare gift to be purchased for your student. Please contact us first so that we can ask the staff in Uganda what the particular needs of your student are and we will get back to you with the cost. Welfare items are usually foam mattresses, sheets, blankets, mosquito nets, clothes, shoes or food parcels.

We ask that sponsors also consider donating a small amount into the Gift & Welfare Pool which provides welfare to other needy students.

Please note child sponsorship and all donations are tax deductable

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