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What is Bushikori?

The Bushikori Christian Centre is located in a rural village near Mbale, Uganda, East Africa. (North East of the capital Kampala)

The property consists mainly of a Health Centre, Maternity and Surgical clinics, Joshua Primary School (Nursery and grades 1 - 7, Christ-centred education), community library, administration offices, Teachers accomodation, Boys and Girls hostels.

Bushikori Christian Centre is a registered non-government organisation that cares for orphans, widows and vulnerable children though a child educational sponsorship program to help build a sustainable community.

The centre is not an orphanage.

The health centre deals mainly with malaria, Maternal care, immunisations, minor surgery and health education for the community.

The committed Ugandan staff at Bushikori provide a much-needed service to an impoverished farming community that continues to struggle with lack of land for subsistence farming and ongoing financial issues, with many single mothers or grandparents looking after many children. It is managed by a Board of Trustees.

The main source of financial help comes from the Australian Support Committee, a non-denominational group based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

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For more information please see the Uganda NGO directory

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