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What Does Sponsorship Cost?

Your sponsorship will provide a student with school fees, a uniform & scholastic materials.

It will ensure they can attend school in a country where many can not.

Your sponsorship will also pay for vital health care and medical treatment.


All of your sponsorship money goes to Uganda.

Our costs in Australia are covered by donations or fundraising.

All the work in co-ordinating sponsorships, fees etc is undertaken by the members of the Australian Support Committee, who are all volunteers.

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Sponsorship rates

Primary Rate: Annually $360, Monthly $30

Secondary rate: Annually $630 or Monthly $53

Post Secondary Rate: Annually $630 up to $1000 depending on course

Click HERE to read more detail on when sponsorship monies are due and the costs



Click here for more information on payment - How do I pay?

Download our Information Brochure and Donation Response Form

Please contact our Child Sponsorship Coordinator, Pamela Ferrar, if you have any further questions, or click here Other Questions and Answers

mail: PO Box 42 Geelong 3220

email: sponsorship@bushikori.org.au

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