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Gifts & Welfare Fund


This fund was set up in 2008 when the committee decided to spread funds more equitably in order to take care of children with special needs like -
1. the child headed families
2. poverty stricken families
3. Students with very old and sickly guardians.

Some sponsors are able to send money and gifts to their sponsored student while others are only able to meet their sponsorship fees.
So we have asked those who are making a gift to consider allocating a portion of that gift into the Gifts & Welfare Pool.

The distribution of these gifts has now become an important occasion shared with parents/guardians and the students. It has provided food, bedding (blankets, mattresses, mosquito nets etc), clothes, shoes, school needs, goats, corrugated iron roofing, renovation of a very dilapidated home and more recently fruit trees. It is a time for them to reflect on the goodness of the Lord and thanks giving for sponsorship and the benefits that come from it.

Many extremely vulnerable families can now experience an improvement in their standard of living. Students are able to consistently attend school. Over time agricultural projects can provide enough food for families to sustain themselves.
Thank you to all who support the Gift & Welfare Pool.

All donations to this fund are tax deductible.

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