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How Bushikori Started...


Bushikori started with one man, Pastor Sam Wandendeya.

During Idi Amin's reign in Uganda from 1971 - 1979 it is conservatively estimated that Amin ordered the death of more than 300,000 of his countrymen.  Through a series of amazing events Sam was miraculously saved from an inevitable death at the hands of those who had killed so many.

The experience changed Sam and bred a passion to make some difference in the world around him.  Until his capture and escape Sam had been a successful business man living a comfortable life.

In Uganda during this time the AIDS epidemic was working up to infecting 15% of the adult population.  Seeing orphans wandering the streets in search of food, either without parents or with parents near death Sam found his calling.  He began gathering these children around him to receive school lessons and he fed them in his home.

In 1989 an Australian couple by the name of Rex and Margery Hobbs met Sam on a visit to Kenya, they heard his story and spent time in Mbale seeing his work.

In 1994 Sam visited Australia and was overwhelmed with requests for his time.  He told his story to churches, schools & community groups all over Geelong; explaining the desperate situation in Uganda. People listened and the Australian Support Committee was formed.

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