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The Richard Stone Memorial Fund

Lorna in her tailoring business Herbert in his carpentry workshop

This fund was set up in memory of a former treasurer of BCC Australia, after his death in 2006.  It was his ambition that through BCC that every student would have access to tertiary or vocational education in order to enhance their employment prospects thus improving their quality of life.

Through the generosity of our sponsors, secondary education is available to all students. However not all sponsors can afford the added expense involved at the tertiary level. When this occurs the Richard Stone Fund endeavours to either make up the difference in fees or fully fund the student.

In order to benefit more students the fund has limited the cost of courses to $1000 per student per year, rather than educate fewer students in more expensive courses. As the number of students seeking tertiary/vocational training increases, the  demand on the resources of the fund becomes greater. Most students have been able to undertake either certificate or diploma courses in their first choice such as Nursing, Social work, Social Admin, Laboratory Assistant, Tailoring, Business Management, Catering and Hotel Management, Secretarial Studies, Nursery Teaching, Business Studies as well as vocational courses such as bricklaying, carpentry, plumbing, motor mechanic and beautician.

The Australian Support Committee is currently investigating setting up a scholarship for students with exceptional ability or circumstances to enable them to undertake more expensive courses.

Any donations to The Richard Stone Fund or Scholarship Fund will certainly make a difference to the life of a student at Bushikori.


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