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Joshua Primary School

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Joshua Primary School was started in 2003 to address the challenges sponsored students were facing in overcrowded government schools. JPS primary objective is to extend quality education to the students. To achieve this, the staff is committed and they impart this same commitment into the students.

The school has one class at each year level from Primary 1 to Primary 7. Joshua Primary School has a total of 13 teachers and 4 support staff who comprise of one Secretary, two Cooks and one Compound Cleaner. Students study English, Mathematics, Science, Agriculture, Social Studies, Religious Education, Music and Physical Education.

Pupils have monthly tests, end of term and end of year exams from which their performance is assessed and the results reflected in the report cards. During holiday times, pupils of P4 to P7 are engaged in a holiday program to ensure improved academic performance. In 2009 JPS was able to acquire registration with the Ministry of Education and Sports and P7 students were able to sit for their National Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) held in November. In the past few years all students who sat for the Primary Leaving Examinations passed with at least 50% achieving Grade 0ne.

Chapel activities are conducted every Thursday throughout the school year in conjunction with the Bushikori Christian Church Pastor. Students benefit by hearing the Word of God spoken, reading scripture, and memorizing verses. The goal of chapel activities is to instill Christian morals and values in the students and foster their spiritual development. In this way, Joshua Primary School aims to fulfill the words of Scripture, as found in Proverbs 22:6 “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Some students have undertaken a Child Spiritual Discipleship Course. Over 10 weeks they were taught Christian values and principles through a series of lessons received from the Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child. Each child then received a certificate.

Other co-curricular activities where students compete with other schools include the school band, choir, Sports Days and Poetry competitions. Many parents now desire to enrol their children into Joshua Primary School due to its good education and social standards that are largely different from those offered by other schools. The students now receive a better education in a well organized environment promising a better future for them due to the continuous close supervision and personal attention from both the department staff and the teachers.



In the library the students have lessons similar to Australia and do book reports but do not take them home as they would get lost. If their book report is good Jane, the librarian, puts their name and the name of the book on a display board with a big mango tree so this assists the children in choosing a book to read. The idea of using the mango tree symbol as a place of reading reflects back to the early days of BCC when the late Pastor Sam started teaching the orphans under the mango tree many years ago.

Over ten weeks students were taught Christian values and principles in a Scripture Union Discipleship Course. The lessons taught were:
- What is God like?
- Where did we come from?
- Who is the promised Saviour?
- What is sin?
- How can I become a child of God?
These students received their certificates at the chapel service at the end of term.


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The staffroom for Joshua Primary School Staff was on the verandah of the P3 classroom. The teachers were writing reports and doing their preparation. A new staffroom has now been completed.

Joshua Primary School was built with the donations from generous supporters in Australia. The P1 and P2 classrooms are on the left with P3 at the back and P4- P7 and a small headmaster's office on the right. The small building at the front of left is the school kitchen where student's receive their porridge at recess and rice and beans at lunchtime.

See Special Projects Joshua Primary School to see how the school was built over the years.

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