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Bushikori Centre Fund

All non-sponsorship donations to Bushikori not directed for specific projects are entered into the Bushikori Centre fund.

As a committee, the most difficult area we have to fund in Bushikori Uganda is in raising enough General Funds to cover the central administration costs of the Mbale Mission.

These costs cover such necessary expenditure as the Director's salary, accountant's salary, auditing fees, insurance premiums together with other administration costs relating to central office services and premises costs.

To cover these, we need to send to Uganda from Australia approximately A$2800 per month which we transfer at the rate of A$11200 every 4 months. The raising of these funds present us (the Australian Support Committee) with our greatest challenge.

I am sure you will understand that with most of our supporters it is more attractive to donate towards specific purposes such as orphan sponsorship or a particular infrastructure project and of course these gifts are greatly needed and appreciated. Nevertheless, the provision of General Funds to apply to the mission's administration costs is an ongoing and necessary purpose of our committee and your gift will help considerably in achieving that purpose.

Please note all donations are tax deductible

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