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Engineering Ministries International (EMI)

In 2007 a team from eMi (engineering Ministries international) visited Bushikori and were asked to help draw up a master plan for the 5-acre lot and conceptual designs for each facility. EMI Bushikori Project


"A couple of days ago, a team of guys mostly from the USA flew into Uganda and came to Bushikori Christian Centre, through engineering ministry international. Steve, Scott B, Scott P, Laura, Heather, Lennell, Danny, Clifton and Mike. One guy was from the UK. They were either architects, engineers or training but in internship. They spent at Bushikori a total of 10 days of hard work. They surveyed, drew plans and designed everything Bushikori has anticipated to build in the next years to come, starting now. At the end of the ten days we had enjoyed their company, their devotions, their laughter, their hard work and we had really not wanted them to leave at all. It's not easy for people to spend money to go all the way to Africa and do such a great cause. Not to mention that a number of them got malaria, abdominal problems and the likes, am glad I was there to treat them and support them where they needed me most. They are a people I will miss a lot. They touched my heart. I felt there are actually people out there who can leave their jobs, their family, their life and every good thing in their cycles to come and freely perform a service to Bushikori, giving them everything they needed, things which would have cost Bushikori millions of shillings to ever achieve in life. EMI…..we love you all…..God bless you."

Levert Wafula
Clinical Officer
Bushikori Christian Centre

"When I opened the EMI Master Plan I was literally speechless. It is INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much!! I wish you and the rest of the team could have seen the Board members' faces when I presented it to them this weekend. There was applause, praising, and some impromptu speeches of thanks. Everyone here is overwhelmed with the team's commitment to doing God's work, as shown through the obvious time and effort you have put into working for BCC, and with your amazing level of skill! It is like in Nehemiah chapters 1-3, where Nehemiah prayed for help in rebuilding Jerusalem's walls and God answered his prayers. Just like Nehemiah in 2:20, we know that "The God of heaven will give us success" in our building! On behalf of the entire Bushikori Christian Centre community, THANK YOU! We absolutely cannot thank you enough. There are not sufficient words. Not only do we have this wonderful document and brochure to present to donors, but we also have hope and plans for the organization's future."

Beth Rosen
for Bushikori Christian Centre
April 2008

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