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Special Projects - Clinic Renovations

2007 clinic with rusty and leaking roof

Clinic in 2007 with rusty and leaking roof.


Renovations have begun in 2009 on extending and equipping the Health Centre.

It will be carried out in two stages - the first stage is now fully funded by an Australian supporter. Stage 2 has commenced thanks to the very generous donations from our supporters!

"We want to share with you the good news of the near completion of the clinic renovation block. God has been faithful to us and made everything a success. It has been the hardest time with a lot of trying to save to make sure the building is complete. A few details are on for full completion. Praise be to God for the wonderful work and faithfulness he has provided to us. It's by God's marvellous ways that Bushikori has climbed ladder after another.
BCC and I specifically send huge regards to the Australian Support Committee, the family trust fund and all the donors who have supported the development and completion for all the projects.
We pray that God will continue to use you and bless you for the glory of His name.
God Bless

Please note all donations are tax deductible.


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