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Special Projects - Clinic Toilets

As a result of the wonderfully successful “Make (for) a Difference” evening held in October 2007, the Australian Support Committee for the Bushikori Christian Centre in Mbale Uganda, received a generous donation of almost $4500.

Just prior to receiving this donation, we received a report from Bushikori concerning their clinic which included the following comments.....

“Patients at the clinic currently use a pit latrine toilet located about 50 metres from the patient wards. This latrine is located on private property and is loaned to the clinic. However, due to increased usage, the latrine is rapidly filling up and unsanitary conditions are becoming a health concern for patients and those attending to them.

This urgent problem could be remedied with the construction of a new toilet which would be connected to a properly and safely constructed septic tank and soak pit.”We believed that the “Make a Difference” gift provided the seeding funds for this project and by the addition of other gifts that we had received, we were able to give approval for this project to proceed. This had further relevance as at that time the United Nations had named 2008 as the International Year of Sanitation.

But like all good projects, problems arose and delays followed. Bushikori is located on a very shallow water table which necessitated a more elaborate treatment of waste water than first envisaged. A new system was designed by consultant engineers in collaboration with local council and health authorities.By the Grace of God, the Australian Support Committee, concerned that hygienic and properly authorised toilet facilities be provided, and inspired by the initial “Make a Difference” contribution, were able to scrape together the funds to continue this now more expensive project. The project was finally approved to proceed in June 2008, was completed in December and commissioned in January 2009.After commissioning, the Director of Bushikori, Anne Wandendeya writes....

“You can't imagine how relieved we are now to have a good sanitary facility, no more fears of which disease one will contact due to very poor faecal disposal. It has changed the atmosphere here. You will see the joy on our faces in the pictures that have attached herein. PRAISE THE LORD !!!!

We have attached a person to ensure proper use by the community because this is their first time using a flush toilet so they need guidance.”


leach field

plastering process

toilets completed

toilet commissioning

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