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Establishing a Library at BCC was the vision of Maital Baldachin a student from Princeton University. She saw the dire need for educational materials to assist the students with their studies. She has worked hard to raise the funds to complete Stage One of the Library.

The library will serve as a much needed community space. On a very basic level, the library will offer people from surrounding villages (many of whom do not have electricity) a place to work after dark! The centre will offer literacy classes and seminars in agriculture and professional development to local adults. The BCC health centre will be able to use the space for nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, and health training. Equipped with computers and internet access, the space will serve as a connection between the students, educators, and community members of Mbale and the global community. Teachers and students from area schools will have access to the texts and educational resources to facilitate academic projects and assignments. Beyond textbooks, the space will also have recreational reading and professional development resources.

Excerpts taken from Maital's blog for more information on the library project see http://mulembeuganda.wordpress.com/

Maital has produced a CD - Bushiglory from which proceeds will go to the Library.

Stage 1 of Library completed

Bookshelves awaiting books

Adult health classes in Library

Read about the official library opening.

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