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How Do I Sponsor?

Bushikori's main focus is the need of orphans and widows living in poverty.  The primary way they address this issue is through child sponsorship.

Bushikori sponsorship is largely co-ordinated through the Australian Support Committee. While the majority of our sponsors come from the Geelong region, Bushikori also has sponsors from as far away as England, Sweden and United States of America.

Unlike a lot of organisations we are not set up for sponsoring online.   One of our greatest strengths is the relationship our Child Sponsorship Coordinator has with our sponsors through spending time with them to select a child and their regular updates and contact.

If you would like to take on the highly rewarding commitment of sponsoring a child please contact our Orphan Administrator.

Email: sponsorship@bushikori.org.au

Click ->HERE <- to download our sponsorship form.

Please note child sponsorship and all donations are tax deductible

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