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What is Bushikori?

The Bushikori Christian Centre is located in a rural village near Mbale, Uganda, East Africa. (North East of the capital Kampala)

The property consists mainly of a Health Centre and Maternity clinic, Joshua Primary School (grades 1 - 7, Christ-centred education), community library and administration offices.

Bushikori Christian Centre is a registered non-government organisation that cares for orphans, widows and vulnerable children though a child educational sponsorship program to help build a sustainable community.

The centre is not an orphanage.

The health centre deals mainly with malaria, giving birth and immunisations. The committed Ugandan staff at Bushikori provide a much-needed service to an impoverished farming community; particularly the vulnerable children who have been orphaned largely through the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It is run by Anne Wandendya, wife of the late Pastor Sam.

The main source of financial help comes from the Australian Support Committee, a non-denominational group based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

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For more information please see the Uganda NGO directory

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