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Questions and Answers about Child Sponsorship


Q. Can I choose the gender and age of the child I sponsor?

Q. Who can be a sponsor?

Q. What do I do to sponsor a child?

Q. How much does sponsorship cost?

Q. How do I pay?

Q. How much of my sponsorship money goes to support the child I sponsor?

Q. Can I give additional payments and gifts?

Q. How are you committed to financial integrity?

Q. Can I visit the child I sponsor?

Q. Can I write a letter to my sponsor child?

Q. Can I send a gift to my sponsor child?

Q. What happens if I cannot maintain the payments or decide to stop my support?

Q. For how long will the link with my sponsored child last?

Q. What happens if the child I support leaves your care?

Have more questions... Please email us at sponsorship@bushikori.org.au


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